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Our CAWI solution, askiaweb, has been designed to solve the challenges firms face when collecting data online. askiaweb gives you a range of tools to effectively manage all of your online survey projects, whether it’s a one-off, or part of a larger connected research programme. It’s also part of askiafield, our data collection solution, which gives you a reliable and scalable platform for collecting data across a wide range of modes (CATI, CAPI, CAWI, and mobile) and a control centre which allows you to monitor all survey tasks in a single environment.

askiaweb gives you:

  • The power to scale: the application rests on a web architecture that allows you to deliver thousands of simultaneous connections.
  • Flexible control: easily monitor online survey progress in real-time, from anywhere.
  • Modify on-the-fly: you can make modifications to live surveys (change questions, quotas, and resource files) without any costly fieldwork downtime.
  • Engagement: with askiaweb’s integrated e-mail management you can send or schedule invitations and reminders using our fully customisable e-mail tools.
  • Compatibility: askiaweb can support all languages and character sets.
  • Survey anywhere: askiaweb surveys can be accessed from a wide range of sources (websites, intranets, email-links, banners, pop-ups, QR Codes).
  • Shareable: with our unique Supervisor Click & Go; you can send a copy of the application to your clients so that they can also review fieldwork progress.
  • Easy control: our supervisor tool lets you connect to sample files and/or external databases, monitor your web connections and manage any external resources.

Askiaweb demo Click here to view an askiaweb survey!

Askiaweb for smartphones Click here to view an askiaweb survey for smartphones!

Latest news

Askia opens offices in LA and now hiring!

Askia has set up a new office in Los Angeles. The office is the second for Askia in the United States and we are now hiring a Tech support specialist as well as a Sales Associate!